Custom Printed Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls – How to Get Started

It is VERY cool when your store receipts work overtime for you Custom printed paper rolls keep your business working overtime.

Why not consider Custom Printed Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls from POS Supply? Here are few things you can feature on your receipts to extend your brand exposure or to add a touch of service:

  • Company logo, tagline, website
  • Service, return & refund policy, disclaim clause
  • Promotional campaigns
  • 3rd party sponsorship
  • Social media accounts
  • Anti-fake watermark

The Printed Paper Rolls Can Be
Adapted to Suit Different

  • POS terminals
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Logistics
  • Queue tickets
  • ATM banking machines
  • Restaurant / Fast Food
  • Auto Repair and Service

We are your point of sale custom printing experts – and we are ready to help.